Laser (english)

The laser and cold is a revolutionary new treatment for those who want to lose weight and reshape your body.

This new laser treatment is a new and advanced means of making the body more harmonious and reduce localized fat deposits are more resistant.
Its uniqueness lies primarily in the fact that it is a non-invasive device, working by means of the low level laser system (cold laser), painless and fast.

It works by biostimulation of natural metabolic pathways, going to affect the mitochondria and inducing a breakdown of triglycerides into fatty acids and glycerol, which is critical to ensure that the same triglycerides are metabolized by the body tissues and then disposed of in a completely natural way.

The operation is very simple: the applicators to nine laser diodes are fixed on the selected area and, once active, the light irradiating laser penetrates every single fat cell.
With this action, light, triglycerides are broken down into fatty acids and glycerol, which together begin to water leaking through the pores of the fat cells. The cells are in this way freed from fatty substances in excess, allowing to fatty acids and glycerol to be metabolized and eliminated thanks to the intervention of the lymphatics.
By means of a sensor that monitors these results, it has the certainty of the correct work of laser sources, all in the name of maximum safety.
This system represents a revolutionary technology mainly due to its innovative FFR (Fractional Fat Reduction) which is a fractional reduction of adiposity, which reduces the volumes in total respect of the natural elasticity of the tissues, thus avoiding problems of laxity. The result is a more harmonious body instantly, lean and toned.
It can be used without problems on the whole body from the abdominal area to the buttocks, arms legs, it is particularly recommended to improve muscle tone and reduce fat in the pectoral area. In men it is particularly suitable to reduce the "so-called love handles" and the ugly "double chin".
At the base of the entire development of the program there are no clinical studies on the beneficial effects of this innovative method. These scientific studies have led to the certification and then the approval of the 'FDA for use for the reduction of fatty deposits' localized.

A complete cycle consists of eight sessions of the duration that varies from 10 to 30 minutes each.

We have developed custom programs where we had amazing results both in terms of weight and in terms of remodeling and loss of inches in circumference.